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Fire Equipment

AlarmSense is a range of conventional detection and alarm products specially designed to be connected to the same pair of supply wires.

Used in installations such as Flats & HMO’s (Home of Multiple Occupation), has unique features for programming individual detectors such as delays from alert to fire condition.

Allows for the wiring of Sounders & Detectors to be on the same circuit, saving you time & money by only installing the one circuit

The most common entry level type of Detection Systems.

Requires a Separate Circuit for the Detection & 1 for the sounder circuit.

Budget panels are available & great for basic systems for small 1-2 storey premises.

Similar to the Alarmsense range of equipment but does not have the same capabilities of programming individual detector heads.

More Cost effective range of panels & equipment available to suit a whole range of environments.  

These systems are for larger premises or where the environment requires controls & shutdowns or delays.

The detector heads are individually numbered thus being to carry out numerous tasks upon activation.

Will require though the same make of detector heads to that of the panel without being to able to mix & match  as you can do on the Conventional Panels

From single stairwell installations through to large multi zoned interlinked systems we have the Control Equipment, Switches & Actuators, we have the equipment in stock to help you with you

AlarmSense Equipment Conventional Fire Equipment Sav-Wire Fire Equipment Addressable Fire Panels AOV & Smoke Ventilation Addressable Fire Equipment Sounders & Call Points

Here we have a range of various break glass call points & sounders used for every type of system above, including spare parts available for them

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