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Voice Alarms

Vimpex are the acknowledged experts in voice sounder and audible/visual evacuation technology.

Their Fire-Cryer® Voice Sounder is testimony to Vimpex's enthusiasm for innovation and a fresh approach to evacuation.

From its highly efficient distribution warehouse, Vimpex can supply this complete range of voice sounders, audible and visual alarms and accessories. All bells and sounders can be brand labelled, if required.

Loyalty to third party approval and testing has meant massive investment both by Vimpex and its suppliers to gain LPCB approval on a growing mix of products including the Banshee Excel sounders and Fire Alarm Bells.

All technical details on the products featured on this website are available as datasheets are available as electronic files to download.

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Fire-Cryer® Plus Voice Sounders

Fire-Cryer® Plus products comprise the broadest range of voice sounders available. From the Mini Fire-Cryer® Plus designed for discreet mounting under fire detector heads to the powerful Maxi, all Fire-Cryers® can broadcast 7 user-selectable messages chosen from a library of hundreds. Foreign language and bespoke messages are also available.

The Fire-Cryer® Plus offers simple, fully synchronised and cost-effective voice evacuation. Whether retro-fitted into an existing installation or as part of a new system design, the six unique Fire-Cryer® Plus models can be fully integrated into the fire alarm system and work on a conventional two-wire bell circuit.